I’ve started using a little CSS hack for when I want to reblog a fellow Tumblr user’s post and “comment” on it, but do not wish to have my resulting “reblog” post actually appear on my public-facing website.

(You see, I hate the fact that if I’m simply making a comment or joining in on some Tumblr dashboard conversation, then the people who view my public site, some of whom are NOT Tumblr users, are seeing posts that are totally irrelevant and confusing. And since the only current way to “comment” on something in Tumblr is via the “reblog” feature, I am forced to do the following…)

1. Make sure you’re editing your custom HTML/CSS for your theme.

2. Inside the <style> tags, give yourself a class style like the following: 
.commentary {display:none;}

3. Then, on each of the post types in your HTML, include the following in the class property: {TagsAsClasses} This is Tumblr’s way of letting you apply whatever TAGS you have given your post, as classes.

4. Give your “comment/reblog” posts a TAG of, you guessed it, “commentary.”

The result is that the posts with the tag/class of “commentary” don’t get shown to your public guests, but they DO still show on the dashboard, where they belong.

In the end, your HTML for each post should look something like this.

I’m very excited to have this feature.  Though, I can’t figure out how to implement it with my tumblr.  I might be a special case, using Box Factory as the base of my theme.  Over time I’ve made some modifications with my limited knowledge of code/CSS, though each post remains in it’s own container, which is likely what is causing the trouble for me. The full code for my tumblr is here, and I pasted a part of it below to show how the format is a bit different than usual -


<div class=”post-container” onmouseover=”showMeta(‘{PostID}’)” onmouseout=”hideMeta(‘{PostID}’)”>


<div class=”post text {TagsAsClasses}”>


<h3><a href=”{Permalink}”>{Title}</a></h3>





When you visit my front end you will see that this post doesn’t show any text, but kept the empty container with the permalink and the link to comment.  I would be so grateful if someone would be able to help me utilize this hack, and for there to be no instance of the post at all on the front end.

Thank you for your time.